SBA express loans up to $350k and 7 year term

by x5nyc. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    5

I am thinking of applying for this at TD bank or another bank.

Some of my credit score is better at certain credit bureau. Any ideas or experience which one they pull ? Experian equifax or transunion?



SmBizOwnrSeekingFI 2

The SBA has pulled my Experian when applying for SBA credit.

  x5nyc 2

They pulled my experian for eidl. Just wondering if different when doing express and up to the actual banks..

SmBizOwnrSeekingFI 1

Same. When I have used sba as guarantor thru a bank loan process it’s up to bank pull. You may get bank pull them SBA pull separately too.

Earlgrey02 2

There are a ton of banks. Most only pull one or two reports.

Google the specific bank you’re interested in. The MyFico forums are your friend.

  x5nyc 1

Thanks good info and appreciate you sharing. I'll check out that board for forums and info.