by Gtavern. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    6

Does anyone know if they will extend the monthly payment relief beyond September. I have not seen anything about this. Thanks


EasyMSP 2

It said on the form you signed that it won’t start until next year. 12 months from the data you signed.

  Gtavern 1

My loan is 10 yrs old, the Debt Relief Program was for 6 Months. I am asking if anyone knows if this Program will be extended


Don’t think there are many Congress people on this sub, so I doubt anyone knows what policies are going to get passed.

  Gtavern 1

I didn’t ask for your vote wiseass, only if anyone had heard or seen any information.

powerlender 1

SBA lender here. Haven't heard any talk of extension and i highly doubt they will offer one. I think we will see something else along the lines of PPP/EIDL.

tempecreekvineyard 2

I thought it was a year