Seeking a text to email service for employees

by DTFH_. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    4

Good afternoon, I am seeking a software that would allow our employees to text us to notify us of any changes or requests through text prompts and we would receive these notifications through our email:

Text 1 to 123456 to notify of schedule change

Text 2 to 123456 to notify of employee sickness

Text 3 to 123456 to notify of missed clock in/out, etc

Could anyone help guide me down the road to find what i'm looking for?


Mike_From_GO 1

This might be overkill for what you're looking to do, but I guess it also depends on how many employees you have, how many you will have and if you have an HR person or if you are that person, along with every other hat you wear.

I'm just curious why you said text us and not me - does this need to be monitored by multiple people?

7shifts - disclaimer, I evaluated this but never used it because it just didn't really fit what my business needed.

drexelly 1

Get a google voice number. The texts come to your email

calemedia 1

Why not set up 3 email accounts and have the employees text that email?

  DTFH_ 1

I don't know why that did not cross my mind! I'll look into that thank you!