Selling Shopify Store with Paid Theme

by Minigun_Kirby. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    3

Theme: Booster Theme License ($170)

Basically, I wanted to make a store, and I was kinda dumb to buy the Booster Theme. Soon, I realized I didn't have enough time and money to actually run the store and that the thought of having to deal with all these things began giving me stress and made me realize that I'm not fit for starting a Shopify store right now. So I basically have a store with a license to a theme I'm never gonna use. This isn't pirated, I actually bought the license. So I'd just like to get my money back in some way. I'd like to sell if for like $120, but it can be negotiated. Biggest mistake of my life, and I regret it.


Americafakeful 2

Never regret it. I know $170 is a lot of $ but the money is already spent, don’t beat yourself up.
In the future, do some more research before investing your money and time.

I’d post on some web designer and graphic artist subs. Probably they will scoop this up to use with a new client.

Good luck
You got this!

  Minigun_Kirby 1

Got any recommendations for the subs?

Americafakeful 2

Just do your research. You will stumble onto it and learn more than if I gave you the answer.