Sending money via email?

by Halostar. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    3

I'm going to need to send a bunch of small ($50-$100) checks in the future. My bank can do it via USPS, but I wanted to know if anyone knows of a service where I could just send a link via email that "contains" the $100 and they could enter their bank info on their end rather than me having to ask them for it.


Confidence-Novel 1

Seconding Venmo and Zelle. Zelle may be available right from your banks online portal to link to (and track with) your small business. They were both built for EXACTLY what you're talking about.

phr0ze 2

Use zelle. Just need their name and phone number.

BigSlowTarget 2

Use something as secure as you can get. You don't want liability for intercepted emails. Paypal, Venmo and a thousand different places have offerings.