service for due diligence

by mikecord77. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    2    2

Is there a company/service I can use for performing due diligence on a business I plan to buy?

Someone who can direcly or behind the scenes try to verify the claims of the seller, future prospects etc.? Can look at neighborhood, community and market to see what issues may arise?

This will be in USA.


nysrpatakemyenergy2 1

But who will do due diligence on your due diligence vendor? Us? How much will you pay?

ThinkingDad 4

My firm offers due diligence services like this, so yes I can confirm that there are companies you can hire. Typically these services are offered through an attorney or accounting firm, and I would recommend avoiding services that aren’t affiliated directly with a legal or accounting service provider.

Also, there is a wide spectrum of services that can be covered by due diligence beyond just financials and market. We often look at regulatory compliance exposure, employee satisfaction and culture, technology capabilities and security, and strategic planning outlook.

Finally, I would caution that you generally get what you pay for when it comes to due diligence. You should shop around and talk to some different providers before signing with a firm.