Setting up a non-original smaller business

by pedrohenrique8zwa. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    1

I've been working in the property rental space for a number of years as a Software Engineer, so I have quite a bit of knowledge around property rental and building / managing websites. I also have a lot of connections of people who own / rent properties.

But I know there are already big businesses doing similar ideas (being an aggregator for property rentals), do you think it would be advisable to put some money into this website and try and take a piece of the pie given my experience? My plan isn't to gain money, as I still intend to work while I'm doing this, but it just gives me something to do.

I should mention I have 0 business knowledge, as I've never owned / managed a business & have little marketing knowledge as well, but I am hoping to learn.


Swissschiess 2

I think your attitude towards it of hoping to break even and learn a bit really makes it a no brainer. At worst you learn some new skills at the cost of your hours and some small fees for the website hosting, at best you build something that’s worth a fortune. I say go for it, if it comes out great build a team out and see if you can really do something.

In my experience the learning is worth its weight in gold.