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Are there any experienced people on this sub when it comes to shipping from china?

I think i have the answers but it would be goodnto speak to people who have done this before.

I have both a product and packaging being developed in china. I have selected suppliers in the same region so need to get the packaging and product in the same location then combined.

I then need to arrange shipping. I havent used a pallet service before but believe i need 3 pallets. I think thevstandard size is 1200x1000mm with a max height of 2200mm.

I was hoping someone can confirm that.

Also how do you obtain pallets? Is thatbincluded in the service? And how do you protect your goods on that pallet? Metric tonnes on bubble wrap?

Thanks in advance


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For sea freight and large volumes contact a freight forwarding service

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This is relatively easy the possible exception for the freight consolidation. The big takeaway with more complicated logistics is what is the marginal benefit for increased risk?

Generally speaking the risk of your shit breaking or not showing up is much higher than the cost of extra shipping. I would probably independently ship the two items for the first couple shipments. Eat the extra costs and once things are working smoothly then consolidate them.

Max pallet size will vary depending on type and level of service. Just give the dimensions and the freight agent will tell you if there is a problem. Priority air has the lowest cargo doors typically.

Also for importing to most western countries you will need the pallet to be plastic or certified wood. Ask your freight agent to re-pack on certified wood. Typically cost is $60 for this. Don't waste your time asking the factory for it - they won't have them.

Packaging and pallets the shipment is the factories or freight agents problem (if a repack on plastic or certified wood). Don't worry, but do look at the freight companies costs for adding insurance.

You could see if one Chinese supplier will accept the shipment from the other. I wouldn't though. China terms are always Ex-Works. Once the shipment leaves the warehouse doors it is your problem.

Pallet freight goes two ways, LCL ocean or Air. LCL ocean is a pain and expect at least a month for goods in transit - risk of damage or loss is higher. Cheap air usually takes 2 weeks.

Make sure your quotes are door to door with your local address.

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Also, it's important to understand Chinese business culture. Pricing is always in USD. Good payments terms are 50% on order confirmation, 50% on order shipping, try not to accept less and if you get more that is amazing. Payment always by wire. Pay fast, production never starts until the deposit is received.

Be polite, always wish them good fortune and pay attention to Chinese New Years. All of Chinese factories close for a week up to a month during Chinese New Years so make sure you order with the expectation that nothing will happen from late January to late February (varies by year a bit). I also like to make my quantities or requested pricing include a bunch of lucky numbers.

Shipping terms are always Ex-Works. If something goes wrong once it's left the factory door it is your problem, not them.

Finally and most importantly, when you receive a shipment, always email them a polite thank you with a small complaint. Even if the shipment is perfect, find something small wrong with it and let them know. If the factories don't hear complaint they will typically reduce quality for the next shipment.

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Final point, you can and I would politely ask for a photo of the shipment before making a final payment.

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What does your supplier say about all of this?

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They can ship but its 3x as expensive as a fedex or DHL account. I havent gotten very far so was really looking for tips so i dont wsste time or ££