Shipping from the UK - What are my Options?

by clam_powder. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    2    4

Hey everyone...

Recently decided to launch an e-commerce brand and the test ads I ran were surprisingly successful.

Of course, this was just a simple test so I had to refund all of the orders since I had no way of fulfilling them.

But since then I've found a great supplier to work with and can start the process of ordering inventory.

One problem:

I'm from the UK and my customers are from the USA.

And according to the quotes I've gotten, it's going to be £20-£30 PER package if I want to fulfil everything myself.

Which, of course, destroys my margins.

Another option could be 3rd Party Logistics but I'm just want to know if anyone has other options.

Anyone has any recommendations? Or is going to a 3PL is my only option...?


Any insight is appreciated!


Nimblebimble123 1

Good evening

I ship a fair amount to the USA CA EU and AUnd im based in London. Feel free to drop me a message id be happy to give you some advice on how to set it up yourself for much cheaper.

Nimblebimble123 1

Just realised that sounded like im trying to sell you something. Im not, just get an inventory manager like linnworks and get a postage company integrated like royal mail or for larger items dpd, ups etc.

Im walking and redditing.. not very well might I add

genuinelywhatever 1

I own an e-commerce fulfillment business, there’s no way to avoid those shipping costs so finding a solid partner is the way to go. If you’re serious feel free to get in touch, maybe we can help 🙌

muchos_camilos 1

Find a supplier in the US instead, then you won't have to pay transatlantic shipping.