Showroom POs to Shopify Purchase Order Integration help please!

by rooskie_roo. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    7

I need massive help! Alright so my company receives about 100+ orders each spring and fall from our showroom rep. Orders placed in fall are fulfilled in late January, and orders placed in spring are fulfilled in late July. My business partner and I painstakingly enter by hand every single item into a spreadsheet that we then send to our manufacturer. It has always been a two day pain in the ass project, but when sales were lower it felt like the only way to get it done. There is a bit of human error, but was nothing that couldn’t be rectified. Then, once we receive our inventory I go through Shopify to recreate our showroom invoice, and bill my stores. This is obviously helpful for accurate reporting. Now that our sales are triple what they have previously been this process will just not work. I had an idea to preload products into Shopify, recreate the invoice, and use the option “payment pending”. If you are familiar with Shopify, you will know that this now designates each product and variant with a negative inventory which I figured I could use to easily populate my spreadsheet, rather than going one by one. It worked!! The only caveat is that Shopify is now attributing that sale to today. I could just call it a wash and do another invoice in July to actually charge each store, but this will really screw with my reporting and I was SO excited to have some great data, and I’m sure our accountant will be thankful, too. I feel like I am majorly just missing something here or don’t know what other companies are doing. People are usually shocked when they find out that our company is really just the two of us working at a kitchen table and shipping out of the garage figuring things out as we go along, due to the professionalism, product, and delivery we put out there. Any idea what the secret sauce is?!


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Hmm.. It sounds like you're not using Shopify's interface to enter orders and instead are entering them into Shopify manually, am I understanding correctly? If that's the case, how are you receiving the orders from your showroom rep? I think having a uniform way of receiving the orders would make things much easier for you. Have you considered using a different platform to process the Showroom POs ?

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I would hop on upwork and put your problem out there.. look for a Shopify developer who's experienced and english fluent. They can likely solve your problem. I'm sure they have seen it before! If anything, maybe you can pay them for a phone call :)

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you should be able to download your orders into a database, change the date column in the database

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The secret sauce is more software. Shopify isn’t an inventory management system or accounting software but it integrates with both. You may be able to integrate Shopify with your accounting system (QB or Xero, personally I find Xero more user friendly) and send your POs from there, but because of the significant time lag between sale and fulfillment you may need to add an inventory management software in the middle and use that system to send them. Either way you’ll be able to populate a purchase order with everything that’s been sold. I’d pay for an hour of your accountants time and find out if you can do it from the accounting system or if you need another step between.

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Thank you! This is what I figured, I just wasn’t sure if I should be searching the Shopify apps catalog or not. We do currently use Xero, so maybe I can play around with that. Any inventory management software you’d recommend? Shopify as an inventory management tool has worked well for us so far because we instantly flip our inventory in the span of about two weeks, as we only cut to order.

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Ohw my, had to read the wall of text 5 times to get a coherent understanding.

The companies I worked with don't do this at all in Shopify but rather in the accounting system (e.g. Xero/Quickbooks).

I would also suggest you change the way your showroom gives you the orders. E.g. have a spreadsheet with all lineitems properly organized per order etc. It would take 15 lines of code to aggregate them together.

Another option is to create them as draft orders in shopify, extract the data and use it for accounting purposes. Then when you're ready you can move them from draft to actual order.

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I’m so sorry, it was a bit of a cluster! One of those mornings. I think I am going to try a combination of using xero and using the draft orders. Thank you for your input!