Simply software for keeping track of customer service

by mathiasfiedler. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    2

we are a small business and we have about 30 customers

All CRM i have seen were more geared towards selling and acquiring customers

and they were sometimes quite complex.

we just have a few customers and i am looking for a simply way to keep track of visits, complaints, schedule new visits and so on.


- reminders to visit a customer, automatically schedule new visit to a customer

- see what current problems of customers are

- see what complaints, feedback customers have - what the status of the solution to their problem is


a simple tool that gives me a good overview


do you have any suggestions or experiences with software like that?


thank you for your help


bolodski 1

if custom software is an option for you, PM me.

techprospace 1

Zoho crm plus zoho desk. You might check those out.