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Hello everyone! I make my own handmade tshirts using original drawings and collages. The paper design itself is waterproof (with modge podge sealer and fabric protector ) but because it’s handmade and relies on a fabric adhesive to stay on the tshirt, it’s not machine washable. So far I’ve been selling my shirts at $20 because of this. I have two questions for you guys; 1. do you think $20 is a good price for a handmade design on a shirt? I just now started selling my art as many people around me encouraged to do so and I’m not sure when I’m underselling myself.

  1. Do you think it’s important to mention the shirt is non machine washable or only hand wash while advertising it? That’s what I’ve been doing so far but I don’t want that to stop people from buying the shirt. My other option would be is to have instructions for hand washing the shirt on my thank you note I attach to every order. I hope this isn’t confusing and I would appreciate any advice beyond this !! Thank you


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I'd be annoyed if I bought a t-shirt, which is not typically something you need to take special steps to care for, and found out upon receiving it, that it would be hand wash only.

Regarding your price: 20 is average. I pay 20-30/t-shirt that I like. More if they go towards something I actually enjoy. For example, I'd pay 40 bucks for a t-shirt to support a band/youtuber/artist/fundrasier I care about as long as they are good shirts.

For example, I really like shirts from

They sponsor athletes I like, I like the designs, and they are literally the most comfortable t-shirts I've ever worn.

They are just under 30/each and I have like 4 or 5 of the designs. I just opened to site to get the URL, saw they have new designs and will probably order 2 more. They are my go-to gym shirts.

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Okay thank you, that’s what I need to know. I just thought washing something by hand wasn’t a big deal but we’re so used to commodities and stuff I can see why it’s annoying. I guess I’ll continue to mention it while advertising it.

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It more that it's non-standard and unexpected.

My girlfriend, as an example, has tons of stuff that is hand wash or dry clean only. She doesn't mind it at all. I am the opposite, I intentionally buy shirts that I don't need to even iron, that are stain resistant, etc. I have no interest in clothing that requires that level of care.

T-Shirts are supposed to be casual. They shouldn't require that level of care.

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I see. It definitely depends on the person, woman are more use to cleaning some of their articles of clothing by hand.

It’s just more than a tshirt tho, it’s an artwork. It’s handmade and not a copy of some print pressed on. The beauty of it is that you have to be aware and take care of it and interact with the shirt in more ways that just wearing it.

Thanks for the help man

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Makes sense, and it definitely is a person to person preference. I like art that hangs on walls, not on me, because I beat my clothes to death but I can definitely see how others would like something like this.

Good luck!

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You need to direct print or silkscreen or both.

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Thank you. Do you have any information regarding these methods or any cheap ways to do it?

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>most businesses offer discounts if you do it in bulk

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One part entrepreneur is critical thinking.

Youtube and Google are great resources.

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If you are making money at $20/shirt then sure. But if you aren't then you should charge a higher premium price and communicate the value effectively.

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Pm me happy to help