So you have created a product, validated the demand. How do you start marketing?

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As the title says, I have created a supplement, validated the demand exists and identified the target market.

How do you actually start marketing. What is the most cost effective process?


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Cost effective way of marketing is to launch your own facebook business page and Instagram business page and start posting your products on a daily basis.

Additionally, join marketing groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and share, like, comment and review similar products.

The more active you are, the better is the lead generation.

If you plan to spend on advertising, Facebook advertising is quite cost effective.

You can try one or more of these and check the results.

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Hope this is helpful.


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Read the “ one page marketing plan”

Amazing book

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Read the book traction by gabriel weinberg

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Don’t you validate the demand by marketing?

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It depends on what you're selling and to whom.

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Consider that you can't be an expert in everything yourself, and if your product could benefit from an expert's help. Start shopping around for a partner or agency. Worst case, if you don't find anyone you click with, you've likely had several conversations about marketing that might set you down the right path.

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did you focus test your product against competitors and win by a big margin? I'd segment the market, then focus in on one segment, in that segment one persona. That's who I'd focus test. If they want to buy your product on the spot or are super enthralled by it, is when you know you got something. If they say nice things, then it's politeness.

I'd consider first brand positioning, then developing the promotion, website, packaging, price for that market position. You want a proper consultant to help you set it up. Then you want freelancers to start getting traction in a channel, then you promote and put in cash.

You should already have a product that is a hot seller in focus tests, preferably in an unsaturated niche market. Then as you become bigger you can slowly target different customers in slightly bigger niche markets. Settle your brand and product where ever you think you can live in/stay for the foreseeable future. It all depends on the strategy, and what you think can get you steady growing profits. The key is always increase in A. customer satisfaction and B. profits.

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> How do you actually start marketing.

You've already begun at least? You just said you have results of market research:

> validated the demand exists and identified the target market.

> What is the most cost effective process?

Anybody can tell you the most cost effective marketing process is if the product sells itself.

(Conversion rate * market reach) = total sales.

I'd assume your real question is about sales not marketing.

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If you have a store set up already, the next thing is to get your supplements to the front of your customer noses.
You do this using ads and other tactics.

Also, you are in the wellness space, you need to invest heavily in your email Marketing. This is sure to create a lot of return customers for you and make sure they love your brand.

I write sizzling emails, and I'll help you write emails to sell your supplements over and over again

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Easy - 3 steps!

  1. Create a google sheet with a list of 50 small and medium supplement influencers/bloggers
  2. Screen through their content and send them all a message and tell them that they talked about x and that this is why they will like your product
  3. Gift them your product and make it very personal with a nice box and attention

    This only costs you the product + shipping and there's a very high chance they will talk about your product to their audience!
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Create a landing page.

Run paid ads on Facebook.

Or for organic reach, post a lot of content on social media. Find FB groups and post content.

Find influencers in the health space. Send them a sample and pay them per post.

Pitch publications to write a story about this new supplement and how it can add value.

Write a creative piece that attracts press naturally.

Finally with some reputation built, go to distributors to get your product in store.

PS: Make sure to follow industry norms.

Some ideas off the top of my head.

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I had the same question as op. This is a nice clear response, thanks.

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I had the same thought as you. This is a very good way to show gratitude. Thank you for doing my job already.