Social network for startup?

by paveltashev. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    3    7

Hi everyone, I’ve a question. Is there are a social network for startups? Like LinkedIn but for startups. I ask because I’d like to join a community similar to LinkedIn or Facebook where I can connect founders and popularize my startup.

I know ;) this group is one of them. I ask if there are other our there.

I’d be glad if you give me your suggestions. Thank you in advance!


Zhdtm 1

Hey, maybe worth to try, pretty fresh and hip?

chloekaiae 1

I have tried organizing slack group few weeks ago, it failed. I think I am going to do one more try and based on what I learned from 1st try

  paveltashev 1

Why do you think you failed? Did you make analysis?

chloekaiae 1

I guess rules were not too strick, selection process was too wide, and first meeting was too late. Basically new version will spend time upfront filtering out people who does not really want to be in peers group but want to see what is it about, set clear schedule when we meet, etc

Mu57y 3

LinkedIn is probably your best bet. If you're looking for an alternative, try Quora. While it's technically a question/answer site, it's really useful for building a reputation, getting followers, and driving traffic to your business.

MasaiGotUs 3

Hey my team and I have started StartupFuel | LinkedIn for Startups. We realized to do this properly we need a foundation of 2000 companies, so we started this about 18 months ago. Now we have over 1200+ companies and slowly starting to bring in all the social features to make more engagement and conversation.

We already have the ability to follow companies/investors/partners etc, create communities, have a startup newsfeed, and message and network online.

We are hopefully closing our seed round in the next few weeks, and then will be ramping up all the features to make conversations better. If you want to collaborate or help give your input PM me. :)