Some companies contact clients who asked for quotation but didn't went with the company, they contact asking the reason for not going with them. Can someone please help me with this, how do you send such emails or call them?

by geeky_ninja. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    7

Clients usually requests quotations from multiple companies and finally goes with one. Some companies contacts him back asking for the reason for not going with them, can someone please share template for such email or share anything related to this.

I don't know what to search on google.


hawaiianryanree 1

Your english is a bit struggling here, but I think I understand what you are intending. My apologies if this is not what you were asking for.


"Hello {Client Name},

We recently had opened a conversation regarding {your service/product}, and we also understand that you have went with another option.

First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business. Although we hate to see you go with another company, we'd love the chance to learn how we can add more value to one day earn your business.

Any feedback you can provide, would mean the world to us!

Thank you so much, we truly look forward to working together in the future :) .

Best Regards,

{Rep Name}"

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Thanks a lot, what's these kind of emails are called? I want to google and research about this.

hawaiianryanree 1

They are called "Customer Feedback Templates" for existing customers.

for non-buyers:

Or "Sales Follow Up Emails" Would be the big category,

Subset, specifically would be, "Closed Lost Follow Up Feedback" emails.


BUt remember. There is no book of templated emails that will alway work.

Your communication needs to stem from your own companies voice / marketing / USP, and identity.

KlutzyResponsibility 1

We used to do this at a wholesale/retail company. Depending on the contact and prior communication with the company, we found it best to simply call them and talk to the buyer. We -always- did it from a tone of "real sorry we did not get your business - what might we do to earn it in the future?" We did not make the call until we reviewed the company and made sure we understood their market and intentions; so we could always include an honest "I loved how you sold ____" or "what you did with that _______ promotion was really cool!". In other words we always called the client and used compliments and grace. Its important to get past any impression that you are pissed you did not get the order - and show that you'd like another chance to earn their business in the future. It resulted in about an 80% return rate, and we closed by-and-far the majority of those second chance deals.

Keep in mind its all tailored to an interpersonal connection between buyer and seller. Also keep in mind that 'there is no inflection in text' when it comes to email. Its very hard to create an initial interpersonal relationship with a buyer through email. Give them a chance to 'hear' you smile and your understanding of their business. Its sales... If you don't try you will not win.

And send the buyer an Xmas card (smile).


Thanks. Would it be possible for you to tell what exactly you say on phone, how do you start conversation etc?

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I really cannot. Its a case of either having conversational skills or not. Sorry...

Gettothevan 1

Something along the lines of:

“Good afternoon,

I’m emailing you to check in on (insert project) and seeing if this is still something you wanted to pursue. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

Best regards,