Specific question regarding idea for an awareness campaign for my card game

by cpthegame. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    1

Hi everyone!

A couple of days ago I was doing research on this subreddit about how to make a good Ad and hit pain points for customers. This is for my card game Capital Punishment: The party argument game. One of the critiques I received from the onset was that people wouldn’t be able to see how a party argument could be fun. I took this criticism quite literally and decided to make this video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nkKURStJcLqSw7W4vWfe5wZM9BVAeWfz/view?usp=drivesdk

I was hoping to receive some feedback aside how terrible the actual editing is. I planned on using this format to promote my game on Instagram as the content is always original and hilarious and never the same.

Tl;dr: how can I make my video ad concept better?


AnonJian 1

The audio isn't really supporting the end goal. One game one time isn't a lot of proof. Essentially the pain point is having arguments -- there is a lot of supply on the argument market already. And much of the oversupply in argument has news cameras pointing right at it.

On the other hand in a polarized society that has made an argument out of wearing a mask, who can really say there isn't demand going unmet.

Instagram. I suggest a highlight reel of many games being playtested is better. Especially since the content here is lackluster. Seems people are enjoying themselves in the presence of the game. You need to show a stronger cause and effect relationship.

Doubtful that Capital Punishment will give Monopoly a run for its money on family game night. But if so, you need to show that.

The toy market is tough to succeed in. This is a controversial product it is tough to market. Nothing about that should be surprising. In a different time, this might have gotten some press play through publicity. While worth a test, you'd do well to expect a lot of backlash and hate coming your way trying to get this a news spot next to protest violence and looting. Start with Fox.

Bonus Level: Election year. Election season.

It is all well and good should you have thought things through and completely understand what to expect. Not so great for you if you didn't.

The typical wantrepreneur cluelessness those posting here want to work like a crutch isn't going to save you in this instance.