Spotify - Blackballing successful artists

by HalfRyan. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    3    10

Hello all,

I just wrapped up watching Tekashis 6ix9ine's latest podcast appearance on Logan pauls channel and couldn't help but hear out the fact that he is being blackballed by major streaming platforms like apple music and Spotify. Essentially this means that they are not promoting his latest record release, at all. This means no presence on major playlists, in-app popups or notifications for subscribers, etc. This is extremely unusual, especially for an artist that puts up his numbers for streams and downloads.

Anyways, my question is from a business perspective why would streaming platforms be so adamant to not promote Tekashi 6ix9ine and elevate his music to do even more? Are they not missing a major opportunity to break records and profit even more off his release with just a little promotion?

Also please try to separate yourself from the fact that you may or may not like his music, Music is very subjective, and whether we like it or not he has a major following.

Let me know if there is a subreddit better fit for this random question.

Thanks :D



Seems pretty simple. There are more successful artists who bring in clicks and revenue and it's in a company's interest to promote them.

Whether his music is good, bad, doesn't matter. If his stuff doesn't stack up to what's driving growth, you don't promote it.

Like, imagine you have a nice restaurant with good, steady, repeat business. It has a chilled out and familiar environment. Relaxed, predictable, what my regular customers want.

Then, I suddenly decide to openly welcome a bunch of foul mouthed, unhinged, no talent snitchy ass clowns in with open arms to trash the place - thereby disrupting the comfort and expectations of my trusty, reliable clientele, would that be good for my business?

Probably not.

Taytay > tekashit 6who9cares

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I think that tekachi’s best promotion it’s the fact that he’s blackballed. When somebody listen to tekachi’s music feels that he’s so unique listen to a guy who’s been in jail and is running away from Narcos around the country. Also to say that billboard or Spotify don’t want him or to say that billboard or Spotify list are corrupted and yo can only be on top by paying, its also a way of promotion !


I've never once wanted to hear any of his music and everytime his screaming for attention because he has no friends face appears somewhere, I hate him more. Hitler would make for a better musician, at least he killed himself instead of being a little bitch that ratted everyone out.

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let me clear up your confusion. Tekashis 6ix9ine isnt by any stretch of the imagination a successful artist. hes being blackballed because hes a loud idiot with tattoos on his face and not a single song anyone knows. hes basically the male cardi B except he wasnt a stripper. worthless useless trash that no smart company wants to be attached to.


LOL come on man, I mentioned to separate yourself from the fact you may or may not like him or his music.


The opinion of liking something has nothing to do with the measurement of intelligence. Just because his and his fans' IQ is less than frozen yoghurt, doesn't make it intelligent music. Tell a child Santa Claus exists and they praise his glory till the truth comes out. How's that rickety bandwagon ride treating you?

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Wtf are you talking about? You’re asking about why a musician isn’t allowed on the platform belonging to a music business.

I would venture to guess its because his music isn’t actually that popular relative to major artists and he’s liked even less as a person in general (and his image) than his music.

Seems straightforward.

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Just politics.

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Same reason xxxtentacion and Kodak Black were blackballed, their music promotes violence. Read up on the xxxtentacion case, if you want me info.

Dose-0f-Sarcasm 2

Oh, I thought it was because of his pedophilia, racketeering and drug charges.