Starting a dating website

by BrandonChs24. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    8

Hi everyone.

I am looking to start a dating website. Nothing too fancy or complicated. Problem is that I can't code to save my life. I fear that hiring a developer to make it would be expensive and I don't want a technical founder because I don't want to bring in a poor soul who would have to work on this only for it to fail, if it does.

I've heard that there are certain web builders like appypie. Would you recommend them?



webdevdavid 1

You could build a dating website with UltimateWB. Use the members app and member search tool. You could make it interactive with the UltimateWB built-in social networking apps - photos app, videos app, forum, polls...

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Learn to code

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Agree on the niche thing. Nearly every dating website/app has taken a new spin on things.

Christian Mingle/eHarmony




East Meets East

Coffee and Bagel



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As other people may say here, you'll first have to go for a niche as it'll be a complete waste of time for instance to fight against Tinder unless you have a revolutionary idea.

throwbackboy 1

I’d start with market research. How will the dating game change in light of 2020 and all we’ve experienced. How does it change accessibility in dating, how does it create new problems// additionally, how does it open up room for innovation?

Research the tech being utilized in popular dating websites. Find startups who in the process of building. Reach out to their devs and marketing team to see what challenges they’re facing

IMO it might not be worth pursuing if you’re already adopting a “doomed to fail” attitude.

Remember that success doesn’t necessarily generally come from the aesthetics of a site. It can be very basic as most MVP (minimal viable product) and version 1.0 of sites are.

As long as you’re considering problems within the industry and consumer lives- creating an effective and reasonably priced solution, and creating a marketing ecosystem that allows those searching to find your product—- you’ll be just fine.

I’m definitely with marketlady on this one though. Don’t just do it to do it. The end result won’t be worth it, and you’ll probably lose a ton of your happiness in the process.

mostadont 3

You need an idea, because “nothing too fancy” will fail on an overloaded, overdeveloped market with giants like Tinder, Grindr etc. Look for a niche.

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Lol I hope you have millions for marketing good luck

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Anyone can use a copy-and-paste website to make their own. Have you any experience with dating sites or apps? What will make yours different? Are you aware of how many are out there? Just starting an app to say you started one may be a waste of time.