Starting a digital marketing agency and building a team

by Machinebroke. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    7

I’m in the process of starting a marketing agency. I have learned all the basic information of the whole process (sales/fulfillment/structure etc.) and have limited experience with ads. I am going to outsource and hire people with many years of experience. I don’t want to be just a freelancer with an LLC. And it seems like almost all SMMA courses teach you to cold call and do everything yourself. I’ll be able to concentrate on scaling my business and have my team create a better service than I could. I also want to learn how to do it as well along the way. Now what would be a good place to start looking for people? I know of white labeling services online like dashclicks.


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So from my own experience, full time in-person employees give me by far the best work. But they’re expensive, so I started off with local freelancers. I had to do a lot of editing on their work though and dealt with a lot of unreliable people. So probably start with freelancers but be prepared to waste a lot of time on internal editing. Your goal should be full time employees!

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You could check out upwork or look directly on Linkedin to find freelancers.

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I'm a Direct Response Copywriter (+2 years), I currently work for - a Digital Marketing Agency - as their Sales Funnel Freelance Copywriter...

I would love to help.

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If you are going to start a business. focus on value. From the sounds of it. you are outsourcing your value.


Hard to make the costs work this way...


Focus on what you bring to the table.

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You can check out you can check out reviews and prices most are freelancers though ^^

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Well what you are looking for I often do but I am a freelancer. I am studying to make marketing a career. Now if you are looking for experts, I would say sign up for upwork. Freelancers are the way to go about this. You just want more experience.