Starting a jewellery business on Etsy - how to use the search algorithm in your favour?

by Lars1997Booom. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    1    3

Hello folks,

whilst I was travelling I picked up the craft of making jewellery, sort of wire-wrapped gemstones. Now I am sitting on a bunch of necklaces, rings and such which I want to sell. I have already gone ahead and created a shop on Etsy:


Now the situation is the following; there are a lot of other people selling similar products on Etsy. Therefore, being ranked high up in the search results is key in my POV. Can anybody who has some experience with selling products on Etsy or similar platforms give me some advice on how to rank higher?

- Obviously I will continue to add products in the upcoming days, but what do you think is an appropriate / good number of items in my shop to be ranked higher?

- How do you go about finding spot on titles and tags? Are you using a SaaS Tool to find good keywords?

Does it make sense to strategically offer free shipment and just include the shipping cost in the final price?


Thanks so much in advance!



People hate paying for shipping so yes always offer that.

I’m pretty sure they rank people with the most reviews on top of search’s so you just got to wait that out and keep customers happy with 5 star reviews.

You’re title is also super important there’s a few services that can help you pick a good title but I can’t think of the name atm

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I've been selling jewellery on Etsy for 12 years, and also run the biggest SEO team there, as well as offer other ecommerce education.

Etsy search still has some preference for exact phrase matching in the title, but it is slowly moving away from that. Other factors are:

  • recency,
  • listing quality score (clicks from search, sales, cart adds, favourites, reviews on that listing),
  • shop quality score (reviews, cases, filling out your About page & policies, IP cases against you etc.)
  • regionalization - buyers in the EU, Australia, & Canada will see more items from their region higher in generic searches,
  • attributes - they are both searchable and can be used as search filters,
  • personalization (although not really that much yet),
  • shipping price, although my testing doesn't show it to have much weight right now, except within Canada

    Other things to be aware of:

  • after you repeat the title words in your tags or attributes, fill out the rest of the tags with plenty of long tail terms. Don't repeat words with in the tags or use single word tags. Since search results vary for many reasons, your best bet is to be found in tons of long tail searches.
  • search can change a lot, so if you do end up ranking near the top of a big search, don't assume that will continue; take it as a bonus
  • you can use the search bar to check what people are searching. I also use the Google Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere to find different ideas to check in the search bar.
  • around 2/3 of all Etsy buyers live in the US, so use imperial measurements in the description at a minimum
  • you need to fill out your processing times, sine Etsy is pushing having better info about potential delivery dates
  • medical claims are prohibited, so clean up your descriptions & describe the jewellery piece instead
  • list more, but optimize the existing items first
  • don't rely on search alone for your traffic, and don't rely on Etsy alone for your sales. Once you get the Etsy shop off the ground, start selling on your own website or on social. etc.

    Good luck!
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i didnt read anything but my sister made a jewelry business 5 years ago and has been wildly successful. best of luck to you