Starting an app and need some help

by anzoni. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    2


Im a developer and don't have much experience with opening up a LLC and what not. Wanted to know if someone could help answer some questions.

1) Should I make an LLC for my app and if so, where / how would you recommend I do it? I currently live in NYC.

2) Some people are advising me to add a trademark to my app name and the logo - how would I go about this? Isn't there common law trademark or would I need to get a lawyer?


Thanks in advance!


baker2795 1

An LLC is the right move. But don’t let it be an excuse for not launching the app. If you got a ‘to-do’ app or something don’t even bother until you start making some money then transfer the rights to the app to the LLC. If you’re building a business around the app then I would go with an LLC but if you’re making an app & then trying to build a business around that I’d launch the app first.

Don’t get that paralysis by analysis in this stage just keep shit moving at whatever cost.

Few_Smell7568 3

Yes - make an LLC - it costs very little money and time.

Honestly, trademarks take a bit of time and money. I don't recommend bothering yet as there is a lot of grey area.

To do your LLC, just use an online service (Stripe Atlas, LegalZoom etc.). You can always transfer assets to a different entity if you need to later down the line.