Starting an Ice Cream company

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I’ve had this idea to sell cube ice cream for a while. It would have both alcoholic ice cream, as well as normal non-alcoholic ice cream. It would be a fancy take on the traditional treat. I’ve tested all of the flavors, and the designs. What I need now is a comprehensive list of all the permits and paperwork I would need to have the business and sell ice cream there. I live in Oklahoma if you need that information. If you want to know anything else PM me.


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Step 1) File a DBA form in your local county assessors office.

Step 2) Start a business bank account

Step 3) Get your recipes, boxes and branding all sorted.

Step 4) Find a co-packer

Step 5) Start selling ice cream

Now you have an ice cream company.

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You should reach out to your local branch of SCORE or the SBA. Permitting is specific to location, industry, product, etc. There is no “one big check list”

You will need at a minimum:

Business license
Local health permit (county)
Food manufacturing permit (state- if you are wholesale)

Most likely will need
Some kind of permit through ABC for manufacturing alcoholic products
Additional permitting for Dairy Production

Some of these are dependent on the facility you are producing in, and a lot of the regulations attached to them are highly dependent on region. Basically you’re going to have to do your own leg work on figuring out everything you need, but the organizations listed above will help you

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It’s an interesting take on adult desserts.

If you don’t mind me asking how are you planning on increasing your customers during this pandemic? Are you planning on most of your customers to visit via foot traffic? If not, how are you planning on reaching out to customers with ice cream?

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I hope the pandemic will be over by then, but if not you should know that there is 0 food that will be touched by human hand. When you press the waffle bowl, you grab it with tongs. We use silicone ice trays to make the cubes so it just pops right out. And any toppings are put on with utensils.

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By the time the idea gets into action the pandemic may end.

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Sorry for the long list of questions. As a business owner myself I try to learn from everyone I talk to.

I have a business that builds online tools for small businesses looking to go to the cloud (which was why I asked you about how you are handling the foot traffic). Your business model intrigues me so I just wanted to hear more about your business while figuring out if there may be a way to implement ice cream on the cloud.

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Do you have any knowledge on permits?

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I am not an expert on them, but I ran businesses that required them... permits and licenses are the bane of a lot of us small business owners..

What in particular about permits are you interested in about?

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I just really want a simple checklist of every permit I need to get and all of the paperwork I need to fill out.

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To get those you need to just call your local small business administrator to help you. That’s what they are there for.

No need to fumble around on the web.

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Oh so this is something that is just in the idea phase with a product ready to go.

Do you have a supply chain for the ingredients?

Do you know how you want to market your ice cream to garner interest within the radius of where you want to open your business?

Are you selling from home or have you already looked into some places to lease out?

Just more questions I would be asking myself if I were in your position.

Lately, I’ve been hearing about people starting their business from home and opting out of leasing but instead spending most of their effort marketing on social media to sell their goods/services. I was wondering if you were thinking about going that route so that’s what initially captured my interest about your post.