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by DesperateOak48. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    3    7

Hello! Some friends and I are working on developing our first board game, and would like to know just some general advice/tips/guidance that would help us through the process of obtaining a copyright, setting up an LLC, and making sure that we can see our game out in stores as soon as possible. Any and all words of wisdom are welcome!


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This site has a lot of info on forming an LLC. For the copy right, it's best to find an actual lawyer.

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Rule 6

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I think you will find this link interesting:

The copyright protects the artwork and written materials associated with the game while a patent may protect the actual process I.e. how the game is played. You might start with a provisional patent which would give you some protection for one year.

Your group of friends needs to develop an operating agreement. This defines how the money gets divided, who does what, how decisions are made, who contributes what, what happens if someone wants out, etc. For example, what happens if one of you decides that they don’t want to spend $5k to hire a patent attorney, but the rest of the group does?

More important than either of the above may be a business plan. In particular how will you market you game? How will you manufacture the game? How will you deliver the game to the buyer? But first, how do you know that anybody wants to buy your game?

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That was a good read.

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You can file for an LLC online yourselves - easy and free. As far as copyrighting/trademark stuff I’d use an attorney.

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Agreed, you don't need to pay a lawyer do the llc filing, but different states have different State fees. Here in Minnesota it's around $100-$150

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Use an attorney.