Startup business funding & smart centres leasing

by Excellent_Muffin_. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    1

First ever post and I guess it’s a two part question.

  1. Startup business funding. How does one go about securing funding (ontario, Canada) to start a small business, while not having it tied to their personal credit/home? Is this even possible? We will be needing approx 50k for lease, equipment and supplies.

  2. Has anyone leased from smart centres? Are they flexible on base rent, free rent or perks? Minimum lease length required? Is the entire year due up front or payable monthly?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


tixocloud 1
  1. Check out BDC ( Also depending on your business, you could also look to angel investors or partnerships with complementary businesses.

  2. It feels like with everything going on, they would be more flexible just to ensure space is rented out although I’ve never dealt with them personally.