[Startup Help] Selling Spreadsheet & OneNote Template

by Tooret. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0

Hello guys,

I have an idea to sell Google Sheets' Spreadsheet or OneNote templates online.

I have a spreadsheet that I used to track my investments (stocks, bonds, etc) with a dashboard that shows your charts, etc. Recently, I was browsing YouTube and I found a channel that sells its own Investment Tracker but they used their own website and blog to sell the template.

I have tried out a lot of investment trackers that I found online and I ended up making my own because none of them check all the boxes for me. I honestly believe my spreadsheet can solve a lot of people's problems, since not everybody are interested in figuring out bunch of formulas. Likewise with my Microsoft OneNote templates

My question is, is there any sites that I can sell Spreadsheet or OneNote templates for a commission fee? For example, with pictures, you can sell it through shutterstock.com. I am not sure I have the time to build a website, do an SEO, or a YouTube channels to market my templates, hence the third party channels. The closest I can think of is Etsy. There are other sites, but none that I can find review of.

Thank you in advance for reading and your help.