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by sansastark9. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    10

Hello, I am based in India and looking to start up a fashion/clothing business which will be manufactured in India but I want to e-retail it in Europe and the USA and hence want to target an audience in these countries for all my ad/digital marketing efforts.

How can I ensure that I reach the right audience without having a presence in these other countries or any local knowledge?

Any tips/strategies besides for entering in the geographic location in the target audience demographic section?

Thank you!


Musculuskleidus 1

I would definitely contact a India x country of import business chamber and use services of a local service providers for customs/vendorship/marketing etc. Highly dependant on business model you choose.

Feel free to DM.(Europe)

kippypapa 2

Free shipping and if possible free returns. Your margins should be good since made in India, sold in US should have great margins. You'll need a 3PL provider in the US since shipping and returning individual items to India will make shipping cost prohibitive.

Your site has to be industry standard. Check out the top 50 apparel brands in the US and you'll see that more or less their sites are very similar. Everything on the site must work, be spelled correctly and link correctly. No one has time for slow loading pages or bad navigation.

You need one or two amazing pieces that will get social media attention. Just one or two that are outstanding mix of quality, style and price. Try paying influencers instead of buying ads to start just to see what feedback the clothes get.

  sansastark9 1

Thank you!!! That makes so much sense.
What's 3PL though?

kippypapa 1

Third party logistics

bombaybull 2

I’d recommend getting a partner in your target country as they would be more informative of the operations there. Or you can use a dropshipper.

  sansastark9 2

How about simply doing international shipping do you think that's something that could work?

bombaybull 1

That’d eat your profits. I have tried that. Do it only if your profit margins are high enough.

elvizzle 2

Facebook ads has geographic and demographic targeting.

Piccoleti 2

Same in GG/Bing ads. Just ensure you aim for people PHYSICALLY living there and not people have interest in the region/country you target as you may end up spending way more you expected.

Roaring_lion7 2

That's a nice initiative. I can help you out, but need more data and a clear objective on your part. Dm me.