The 2 most common problems for brands: Getting more traffic &creating visually appealing creatives

by Pooja280492. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0

🙋 Hey Everyone,

As a marketer having worked with brands and agencies, the #1 problem I faced was to drive traffic to the website. I realized that creating brand recall requires being everywhere the customer is, which is on 8 social channels on average 😵

That brings me to the #2 problem, which is designing ad creatives. I either had to outsource the work to designers or resort to templates. What's worse was that once the design was ready, I needed to resize it for use across all social media platforms 😓

I'm sure many of you are facing these challenges. Here's some good news for those who can feel my pain! Over the past couple of months, my team and I have built an all-in-one design tool-kit to create uniquely-you designs in a flash. Some of the features include:

🌈Auto-color suggestions as per your brand guideline
⚡Auto-resizing for social media graphics
⚛️ A unique library of graphics, design atoms, stock images…

If any of you is facing similar challenges and would like to either have a chat or be a part of our early access list, DM me or reach me on