The Chronicles of a Solopreneur

by mehdifarsi. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    4

I just published my new blogpost about my journey as a Solopreneur and I wanted to have your return of experience as a solopreneur too.


rjc33020 1

Interesting title for your blog. I never really heard of it that way. Working alone is common. I work alone as I start my journey but eventually, a team will be needed. Looking forward to reading this

  mehdifarsi 1

Thank you for the feedback!

komodo2010 1

My experience as a one-man-band is different from yours. I started in May of 19 as a consultant in drug development. But I still had a job then, so I did not go all in. Nor did I dare to. Needless to say I didn't attract any business. Nothing, zilch, nada.

Then in February of this year, I quit my job and went all in. I got a website, I started to actually talk to people and then.
. Covid-19 happened. So I immediately applied for a job. Because, I was afraid. The interview process was long, very long. In the mean time, I got my first consulting job as a freelancer and made more money for less time.

But more importantly, I enjoyed working for myself. Consulting is more like a hobby to me, and so is building my business. Of course there are down sides, like having to do administration (I'm not a great administrator) but thinking on how to attract new business, keeping up with the nitty gritty of any new area I may be asked to help with. I love it.

I'm not gonna be rich any time soon, at least not in the monetary sense. But I did have the courage to say no to the job I applied for and to really go all in with my own business.

  mehdifarsi 1

Very insightful! Thank you! As a web developer, you quickly remove the feeling of economic insecurity as there is a lot of job offers.

Happy that you find happiness in being a consultant. There is nothing wrong with this! My perception of being a solopreneur is very subjective and that's why I wanted other returns of experience.