The ways we use the chatbot

by Helen_Korp. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0

Hey everyone!

Today, I'd like to share our experience on how do we use the chatbot we recently launched.

I work in a startup. We help our users to improve customer communication and make more sales. We've just started collecting use cases of chatbot usage. Here are the ones that I mostly like:

  • proactive customer support
    One of our clients has changed the integration with one of the banks. They wanted users to know about this integration, and teach them how to use this. So, they ran a campaign with information from the chatbot and a call to action. This helped us facilitate support because agents didn’t have to send manually written texts asking to update the settings.
  • feedback collection
    Also, after implementing a new feature, they wanted to collect customer feedback on it. The solution was to launch a chatbot campaign with bot asking several questions with response options.
  • lead qualification and segmentation
    The client asked all the most important questions right after a user signed up. It was important to understand the target audience and what segments cherish the platform the most.

How do you use chatbots? Have you tried the campaigns I mentioned? What do you think of them?