Thinking about entrepreneurship all day

by ImproveTheWorldToday. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    8


I don't know if I have some kind of problem or if it is normal. I spend a big amount to time everyday thinking about what can I do to solve problems, to earn money, thinking in ideas... basically thinking in entrepreneurship all day long.

I have 23 years and I cant go to the discos, and stuff like that. All I want and I feel good doing is thinking and working in projects.

Is it normal or do I have some kind of problem? Am I the only one?



Life is so nice that we should enoy it

gooda_ 1

Totally normal! People have different passions and yours happens to be entrepreneurship!

PrimaryWarning 1

whats discos?

  ImproveTheWorldToday 1

discos was an example of a way of having fun that people from my age usually go.

irlcake 3

Short for discotec. It's what they used to call dance clubs.

Some countries still do

Masterplan1000 4

You’ve got the gift and curse of the entrepreneurial spirit, you shall walk this earth for eternity creating ventures, feeding the beast of the spirit who giveth, and taketh.

make a balance in your life, when your working on a project focus on that, give yourself time for disco, friends and family too.

AlwaysOptimism 3

It is an amazing energy to have.

Working for other people sucks.

There are two reasons people end up not striking out on their own.

They are uncomfortable taking the risk of no (or even negative) income. Or they don’t have an idea.

Seems like “an idea” won’t be one of your problems. Just be critical of your ideas. Figure out which ones are just cool ideas and which ones are actual businesses