This is how I gained 15,000 followers on Parler

by calemedia. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    30

Hey I thought I would share one of tactics I have been using to get some free traffic and members to signup for my website.

There’s a site called Parler it’s basically a Twitter alternative but mainly used by trump supporters, I believe it has around 2.8 million users currently so it’s pretty big.

So I wanted to test it out and see if I could use it to advertise one of my websites so I signed up and then drew a blank lol.

Well I just started following random members and some would follow me back, after about 3 hours of clicking follow I was already at about 100 followers and thought I should just make some software to do this for me.

So I began creating some software I call Parler Auto Follow Bot because the name fits right? So anyways it’s now been about 3 months of it running 24/7 and I have 15,000 followers. You can watch this screen recording of my phone blowing up after running the bot.

I still can’t figure out how many people you can follow per day because they definitely limit you or I would have followed about a million people by now and I’m only at 37,000 but they also don’t ban you for going over the limit and it must reset everyday because I haven’t ever turned off the bot and it grows everyday.

Now I’m not sure how well this method will work for you but maybe give it a try signup and start clicking follow and see if you can grow a following and market your products or services to Parler members, just because it’s mainly trump supporters doesn’t mean they don’t go shopping or need services.

If you have any questions or suggestions I’ll try to reply to everyone.

Thanks for reading and best of luck with your entrepreneurship!



Instagram shadow bans people who do this. Just something to watch out for.

TrendNowapp 2

I think OP’s point here is that there’s an opportunity to do this before the platform is big enough to care

Malusifer 1

His point is to sell his app lol. Mine was these shortcuts can backfire at the flip of a bit. No shade if anyone wants to risk it.

  calemedia 1

Didn’t I say you can manually click all you want just like I did in the start? Can’t you take this information and make your own bot 🤦‍♂️

TrendNowapp 2

Yeah always good to keep the risks in mind, but it’s just another new platform like TikTok where it’s easier to get large amounts of follows before it gets strict

  calemedia 3

Yeah I know Parler doesn’t

Malusifer 1

Instagram didn't at the beginning either but they started cracking down on it harder and harder. They want you to buy their ads instead.

  calemedia 2

Yeah I’m very aware this isn’t my first rodeo lol

billyandersin 1

Actually having said all this, I think I need to revisit my options for monetisation lol. Any suggestions as to how to monetize 25k- 100k accounts?

  calemedia 1

There’s probably a million ways but why not just sell shoutouts that’s how all the big influencers make their money

billyandersin 1

Thanks for bringing Parler to my attention.

I checked your website and bot. Looks legit. Although it might be a covert ad, it was subtle and effective!

Personally not a big fan of applying follow unfollow at mass scale because quantity doesn't equal quality of attention and potential customers.

Might be useful to others, though.

And I'll definitely look into Parler.


  calemedia 1

Yeah quality is always better my thoughts for this project is if I can get say 100,000 followers when I “tweet” something it will get what Parler calls retweets “echos” so much that the quality people will eventually see it.

billyandersin 1

It all depends on your product, of course. I dumped TikTok accounts with 5k, 10k, 25k, 35k all the way up to almost 100k followers because of poor monetisation options.

  calemedia 2

I definitely wouldn’t have dumped a 100k following on any platform, there’s always someone who will pay for a shoutout

missedventure1 1

So besides the bot, what else are you selling? What are you advertising to the people on Parlor? And what is the percentage rate of buyers from followers?


I just advertise my social platform

missedventure1 1

Which is? Do you own Parler? Also is there a way to get around the mobile phone number requirement?

  calemedia 1

Shit i wish I did Parler is worth millions lol and no unfortunately you have to give them your phone number it.


There’s not work around? It’s not allowing me to pass with my VOIP.

  calemedia 1

Not that I know of but I’m sure there’s a way

ForeignDesires 1

Work for Mac?

  calemedia 1

Unfortunately no but I think Mac has a way to run Windows exe?

Putrid-Excitement 1

yea, it seems like people can use lots of different tools to gain a following. Then if it's starting to get somewhere, they can hire affordable content marketers and build out a marketing strategy, and fulfill it.

  calemedia 1

Yeah I got my 71 year old mom using the software lol she’s up to I believe about 9,000 followers she has no business and is retired but wants to advertise something one day, I told her affiliate marketing and she said huh???? So we will see what that turns into my guess is I’ll just do everything for her. The funny part is she has made one “tweet” and it said hi I’m new to Parler and it’s got like 1000 comments and 500 upvotes 😂

-Conservation- 2

How many of these users are bots? How many click through to your site (and buy something)?


I don’t think any are bots I check my new followers all the time and none seem like a bot. My site doesn’t sell anything it’s a social platform, but a good amount a day signup.

-Conservation- 1

Neat! Thanks for sharing. I think this is the first positive post i've seen about Parler.

  calemedia 1

Yeah people can hate on Parler all they want it’s driving me free traffic

CriticalSodium 1

Is it any better interface than a few months ago? The interface killed the experience for me but twitter going off the reservation sometimes

  calemedia 1

No idea if it was worse but it’s still pretty terrible lol