Tip for Unique Value Proposition and Selling Proposition

by ShootWalla. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0

Hello all!

I am a full time Creative Economist and from time to time I offer my services to create USP and UVP for some customers whenever they are having trouble creating it themselves.

With that being said I encountered myself with a very peculiar customer.

He is a Coach that coaches other coaches and brings them to the next level professionally and economically.

He feels like his USP and UVP is not clear for the target market at the moment.

Since I have never got in touch with any coach at all, I can't seem to figure out what pains a coach may have and how can another coach release/solve it.

Unfortunatelly due to confidentiality I cannot disclose his name.

If you have ANY, and I mean ANY tip on how should I proceed, I would very much appreciate because as of right now, I am a little bit lost.

If you have any suggestions on any Value Proposition and Selling Proposition, AWESOME!

Many thanks!