[TN] Google forms for online applications?

by bb_johnson. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    3    2

I run a small chain of thrift stores (3 stores) in Tennessee and I am looking into doing online applications. Until now, all applications have been walk ins. Our applicant pool is very small and we our turnover is pretty high. I’m looking to expand our applicant pool by doing online applications. We use Google G suite so I have already created the application via Google Forms and it is set to automatically email the application to the store in which the applicant was applying for. A concern was brought up that there may be a legal issue with having personal information stored in Google’s servers, more specifically company emails. Our store emails are only used internally and are not used for correspondence outside of the company except for the owners email.

Are there any issues that could get us into trouble by doing our online applications this way? How do you handle online applications?

Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.


mfandey 1

The issue isn't that its stored on Google as much as it is that you are storing personally identifiable information (PII). Read a couple articles on PII and you should have the basic info you need. Its not hard or complicated but you should think it through. Storing credit information (PCI) or health information (PHI) is where things get really tricky and there is no reason for a thrift store to be in the PCI or PHI data business.

Stormkrieg 2

Hey there! Google Cloud Partner here (not trying to sell anything, just helping out & establishing why I can help). If your company has a subscription to G Suite, then you are the owner of the data, not Google. You can use it and rest easy on the legal concerns. Link to the help article regarding security below.