Too many options?

by MrCheapCheap. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    2    12


I'm selling a canvas print online, and I currently have 16 different dimension variations + a custom dimension.

Do you think this is too many? Will it seem "overwhelming"? Should I have fewer options?



I think so I personally would go with 3, small medium and large

  MrCheapCheap 1

Well, I have actual dimensions. It's a canvas so you need the dimensions to match a frame

calemedia 1

Yeah but couldn’t you call it small 4x4 medium 8x8 and large 20x20 or something?

  MrCheapCheap 1

Well, for the dimensions it just gives you the option to put in _cm/in × _cm/inch

calemedia 1

Ok well best of luck with the business

erikig 1

Why not simplify? Drop the options and fully embrace the customization. I'd go with:

"Custom Canvas Prints - Pick Your Size - We Do Any Size"

giddygiddyupup 1

You seem to be firm on wanting to offer the different sizes. That’s fine, just find it odd you posted the question.

  MrCheapCheap 1

Yeah, I do want to offer different sizes (most of my competitors do as well). I was just wondering if 16 would be "too many options" (my other prints have 7-11 options, but I had the ability to make this print with more possible dimensions).

giddygiddyupup 1

If this is the only one you can offer in that many sizes, I would opt for consistency rather than having that option with only ONE product. Honestly, that would annoy me as a customer. Make it more similar to your other products for consistency. You can make a note on that product that they can inquire for other sizes. I know people don’t read, but it’s probably irrelevant in this case.

Zazenp 1

For me, I’d offer four standard sizes and then leave a note saying to contact me I’d they want a different size.

  MrCheapCheap 1

Only 4? I have a lot more then that on my other Canvases too. I sell on a ecommerce site, so people don't read the descriptions often to know to message me for other sizes.

May I ask why only 4?

Zazenp 2

Becuase thar indicates to a nervous buyer what is standard for canvas art. 8x10, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36.

If you want to throw in a size smaller and a size bigger that’s fine but those four fit 95% of customer needs. Only those well versed in wall art sizing will need something different and then know what they want. But having 16 sizes can overwhelm a standard buyer and make them feel like they need to stop the purchase process to go figure out what size they want. That can lead to lost sales if they never feel confident in the “right” size.