Toucan: Looking For Product Feedback

by taylornieman. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    19    18

Hey r/startup, my name is Taylor Nieman. I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of Toucan.

I'd absolutely love to hear any product feedback that you have regarding Toucan. Definitely all ears.

Thank you so much for your time!


olivergee 1

Isn't this just a copy of Fluent? You even used the same slogan. It's getting really out of hand with all those copies. Are you even sure, this will be valuable in the future? I apologize if this comes around a bit harsh. Just feels like there was no effort behind it. Even the domain seems copied. Please make some more effort to differentiate from Fluent.

  taylornieman 1

Ah, yes. It's our first copy-cat attempt and I'm sure not the last. Very flattering in general.

PDFBearSupport 1

Where did you advertise to get that many upvotes from?

compasscard 1

Looks great! Any thoughts on adding it to firefox?

  taylornieman 1

Firefox is coming very soon! So excited for it and Safari

compasscard 1

That's great! Can you give some info about the startup? Like how many are on the team? How much time has happened since the idea was born? Thanks

  taylornieman 3

Yes, of course! Toucan celebrated its first birthday about 12 months ago. We had us 3 co-founders for the majority of that time, but recently grew to 9 team members strong. :)

At Toucan, we know creating a new habit is one of the most difficult things to do. Our founding team has a deep understanding and appreciation for human habits, behavior, and the science of learning. Our free Chrome extension helps you learn without having to put aside time to create a new habit. Toucan works by immersing you in the language while you're browsing the web. What's even better is that you'll see those words in the context of sentences - helping your brain connect the word to its useful meaning.

We created Toucan to help people make more use of their time, without missing out on the fun and satisfaction of learning a new language.

tiffanylan 1

Just upvoted you on PH. Defintely going to try it looks great! I already speak several languages but am now learning German. Thanks!

  taylornieman 1

Thanks so much, Tiffany! :) Love it. So excited for you to try Toucan and can't wait to hear any feedback that you may have for us

CrusaderQB 1

Is it a chrome extension? This is awesome. Would love to give it a spin.

  taylornieman 3

Yes, it is a free Google Chrome extension. Please do! Absolutely would love any feedback you have

threejeez 1

Free isn’t a business model. How do you plan to make money?

  taylornieman 1

Freemium subscription which is live in our product. You can download Toucan for free. Excited to hear any feedback that you have!

brainsmurf 1

Are you using google translate or you have a system for it?

  taylornieman 2

All of our translations are hand-translated by our team of experts including foreign language professors and grad students across the country. While we're not perfect (yet), we're constantly improving the contextual accuracy of our translations through an artificial intelligence capability called "Natural Language Processing." In addition, our users help improve Toucan by flagging errors that they encounter. Our technology is becoming smarter every single day.

GeorgieD94 1

Awesome product idea, just downloaded it! Like the audio, sounds much more clear than duolingo's audio pronunciator.

Edit: just noticed the learning packs love it! Such a neat way to learn a language without having to actively commit to it like you do with all those apps

  taylornieman 1

Thanks so much for the kind words, Georgie! Keep me posted if you have any other feedback as you continue using Toucan. :) And, just in case, my email is taylor[dot]nieman[at]jointoucan[dot]com