Training Employees and Gadgets

by scatterbrainedpast. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    3

I plan on hiring soon so that I can take a back seat and do more admin and sales. I will be onsite 80% of the time in the coming months as I train 2 employees. Ideally I would like to be in my home office but I need to be onsite to train and oversee things to start out. I will be able to field calls and oversee from my truck 75% of the time.

When I am onsite I NEED to be able to access google maps to give quick quotes over the phone. I would also need to be able to access the internet and my CRM. Since 80% of my customer interactions are done via texting (most people prefer the conveience of it over email or calling) I also would like to have a keyboard or virtual keyboard to type text out as I am getting tired of texting so much without using a keyboard.

I think an iPad or a small surface pro laptop would be ideal but I am open you you guys/gals .02

What is the best device for these needs? Also if you know any good car mounts that would be helpful as well.



mteet 1

You are on the right track. The Surface lineup would be the best place to start. We have \~100 techs in the field in up to 1000 homes in a day. The Surface Pro (not laptop or book) is darn near bullet proof. We have tried lower cost Android and windows tablets but they end up lasting just a few months and costing more in the long run. You can replace the keyboard and pen when needed but the Pro itself will last forever.

_Chilling_ 1

I still have a surface pro 2 & 3 running at the office, the 3 has seen a ton of field use and everything but the touch screen is still great on it. Great devices.

malcojus 3

Assuming you're not a big tech person, I'm going to make comments based on things as purchased without much configuration.

The surface Go sounds right up your alley based on requirements and has LTE versions available if you want for Mobile internet.

iPad would also work but the OS is not a full fledge desktop OS. If all your apps are online then that's fine since all you need is a browser. Lte versions also available.

I also really like chromebooks for their price and convenience. Same issues as above for OS though.

If you're looking for an all in one device to do the application access and texting and Google maps, may want to look at the larger phones (phablet size) at 6+" screen sizes but honestly I've always found that too cumbersome and rather have a small phone plus laptop. Personal preference there.

All this of course assumes your applications are externally accessible from outside your internal network. That's usually the case but I don't know your infrastructure.

Hope this helps a bit.