Trouble with social media

by Jass25flor. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    3

Hi everyone So I am new to selling on social media and I know the biggest selling platform rightnow (from what I think) is Instagram and I wanted to know to add the Swipe up link to my stories and how to add the little price tag on my photos but every time I google it it always says I have to have “this many followers” or I have to be approved by Instagram... etc... can anyone help me out? I feel embarrassed by asking for help in this but it’s so frustrating and ugh I wish I was more tech savvy But if you can help that would mean soooooo much!


EcstaticBar9651 2

Hi man! To be honest, selling on social media is VERY lucrative. But it's a hard skill to learn.

It took me over a year of trial and error to get to the point where I can successfully have an income through IG.


IN my opinion, if you can, hire someone to do it for you while you learn it for yourself.

I'm actually a co-founder of a media company, I don't know what niche you're in but I can give you some general marketing tips for your business. I doubt we'd be the right fit for working together but I'm happy to help

personaldistance 2

I'd like to take you up on this, I own a localized service company. I want to optimize my Facebook and Instagram pages to bring in business, do you think you can provide some tips?

Shikabooom 2

The buy links you're seeing are ads, you can set them up using the Facebook add dashboard (they're linked).

Unfortunately you do need 10k followers for the swipe up story link.

Attractive paid ads on Instagram are cheap and will help your account grow as well as sell products. Just make sure you put effort into the presentation of your feed as that is what will promt people to follow you fastest.

Edit: I forgot that you can add link to IGTV post descriptions if you have a business account. That can help with organic conversion.