T/t for sample under $100 From China? What’s a DHL account as well? First time

by Pete_Mesquite. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    7

I found a supplier for a larger hepa filter and he said the prince was under a hundred but he said to do T/t because he they don’t have a pay pal yet but I’m pretty sure they are a larger company That’s been around for a while.,

Anyways I tried to order a sample of someone else, it worked but I had to do western union and it took forever to go through since I couldn’t figure out how to do a t/t. I read that guide on here and it looks like I already broke like two rules.

He also asked how I wanted it shipped and I said DHL because it’s fastest international and he asked if I had a DHL account?

So should I ask for a different arrangement? Should I haggle to because I imagine shipping will be expensive because the weight and bulk?




Huge red flag. "Dont have paypal yet"


Thats so sketch. Paypal takes 1 second to get.

THe problem is, they hold money to protect the buyer.


ANY SCAMMER, will say that shit.

The ONLY other legitimate reason to not accept paypal, is for the fees / delay in cashflow.

But on $100??? Cmon.

They can just charge the fees to you. Then you are protected.

I wouldn't proceed if it were me.

You'll get your sample.

You'll pay your deposit / full payment for your order depending on terms. And 99% chance, you will not receive anything....


Calculate> Import duties (you will get them)

Shipping from factory to dock - Dock to Customs (your country) - Duties / Shipping from customs to your door.


sometimes they pay for it all. Sometimes they dont. From what you are saying. HIghly doubt they are. "make your own dhl account?" SO SKETCH


They are trying to not show anything legit on their end.

My china supplier (i export goods for influencer merch), wouldn't even dare to pull this shit.

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I found this person on made in China.com or something like that and they seem like a large supplier.


I think this is it. But I was sketched out at first when I made my first order and it was more expensive, but I went that way because they wouldn’t sell anything less than 1000 so I had to ask for a 100,and they stayed in contact till the money went through.

It’s kind of sketch but I don’t think I can find a filter like that in the us for anywhere near the price they are offering .

Any alternatives for a filter like this from your suppliers?

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I've done t/t for products from China before. It's not that big a deal if you've done your research. Shipping in China is complex, and often the supplier will have a cheaper option than DHL by a substantial amount. Usually the product is handled by 3rd party to the dock, then a different company at the dock, then onto the ship where it will be your problem once it arrives in your country. In Canada this work automatically goes to Canada Post but you may need other arrangements after your package clears customs. Don't be scared to ask your supplier how he recommends shipping a product to you. They are trying just as hard to build a relationship with you as you are with them.

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That’s what I figured , like the first person I ordered from I felt bad because I only needed a 100 of what they were selling and their moq was 1000. They were in contact the whole time till the money hit their account from western union.

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First, are you certain that you are in fact dealing with a representative of the company?

Does the company normally deal with sales to the public? If not, that would explain them not having a PayPal account.

A DHL account is like an account with any other shipper. The more you ship with them, the bigger the discount you can get. You can give your account number to trusted business partners and they will use it to ship to you, and you will pay the (hopefully discounted) bill directly to DHL.

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Yea I emailed the supplier from this page https://m.made-in-china.com/product/outer-Aluminum-Frame-H13-HEPA-Air-Filter-with-Clapboard-879353955.html

They emailed me back a long while later, I forgot I sent the message, but she said email this person and ask for a sample. So I did