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Welcome to this week’s Operational Roundtable Thread.

Ask about anything related to legal, accounting, project management, or how to get started.

Don’t be shy. The purpose of this is to learn and share ideas and methodologies with one another.

Any question is a good question!

If you are answering questions, remember to be kind and supportive. Many are just starting out and have no idea what they are doing. That’s okay! We all knew nothing before we knew something.

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join_thehang_io 1

I’m building a feature into my startup that would allow the winner of an activity to decide which charity my company will donate to that week. They will be choosing from a list of highly rated charities.

It seems like this should be fine to do, but do any of you know of some reason that this would be bad practice or illegal for an LLC?

JCDundee60 1

Hey all! I'm trying to help design an accountancy/finance support package for tech startups. Before I do anything, I want to be crystal clear on the challenges & needs of these businesses re: accounting. I don't want to come flailing in with my own assumptions.

I've pulled together a questionnaire to help better understand the tech startups relationship with accounting/finance and would be really appreciative of 5 mins of your time if you work in that space.

Also happy to answer and Q's on accounting for your business. I'm UK based but worked internationally.

Unic0rndream5 1

Hey Guys,

I have a number of websites which all produce money. It ranges from a few hundred dollars a month to low five figures a month.

What would be the best way to go about incorporating this for maximum legal protection? I currently have a Delaware C Corp and I run all of them through there.

Would it be better to have an umbrella media company and incorporate each one after it hits a certain revenue threshold (fully owned by umbrella Corp) or should I keep going as is and treat them as separate brands or product lines within the same company?

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