Uber Kittens : Yes, Uber actually delivered kittens

by jbcdigital. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    5    1

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Uber came out with UberKITTENS – simultaneously delighting its customers, and getting lots of attention because the internet loves cats.

On National Cat Day, it delivered kittens to users, who would enjoy a 15 minute petting session for $30 before the kittens moved on.

The campaign lasted for 3 years and became a huge viral success.The first year, it was live in three cities. The second year it expand to seven, and the final year uber shuttled around kittens in 59 cities.

That last campaign lead to over 600 articles, 33,000 mentions, and reached 281 million people. More than 320 cats and kittens were adopted and over $45,000 in donations went to local shelters.

Sometimes the simplest ideas bring the best results.


jasoncalacanis 1

we also did ice cream and cookies in the early days...