Unemployment Dilemma

by Standontwo. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    7

Like many other SB's I had to furlough a few employees but I still am covering health insurance as well as other insurances that are required for my business for those who are on furlough. At this moment I really need to start pulling employees back or hire new ones as my business is picking back up everyday.

This is the the dilemma I'm facing at the moment, one of my employees can't come back to work because he child is school now and its remote. He doesn't have anyone who could stay at home with his child as his wife works also. No clue as to when he will be able to find someone who could stay home with his child so he can return to work. The second employee has completely ghosted me, not respond to any calls, text nor emails. Haven't had any communication with them since July 15th.

I really need to hire at least two people asap as I'm at the point that I'm turning down work because I don't have the man power to cover at the moment.

Do I just report this situation to unemployment? Any insight would be great help.


jetah 1

Is there any at home work the first can do? Secretary or virtual assistant. Maybe they can answer calls, setup appointments, etc.

  Standontwo 1

No they are truck drivers.

Hap2go 1

depending on the size of your business, the first one might be eligible for FFRCA wages.



in short he would be paid 2/3 of his salary by you but you would get a credit on your payroll taxes for the equivalent

jetah 1

So they can't do anything at home with some training?

  Standontwo 1

Unfortunately not.

One_Discipline_3868 1

Report the second one for sure. Be in contact with the first and try to work something out.

VitaminIRON 1

I think you’ve done all you could. Start looking for new employees. It’s your small business, not theirs. You’ve done all you could for them and now it’s time for you to keep your business afloat.