USPS question for small business owners...

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I'm wanting to start my business soon but became hesitate after seeing whats going on in the news with this mail carrier. I've seen people saying they've been getting bad reviews for their business because of the postal delays that are out of their control. I don't want to deal with that starting off.

Is anyone experiencing these types of delays or issues?

Thx in advance



USPS has been warmed over garbage for decades and is only used by cheap people shipping items of little value to cheap ppl buying items of little value.

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The noise around the USPS is political and not really reflected by underlying reality. Their on time package delivery went from 98% in Feb to 93% in May and is now back up to around 96%. Is that bad? Sure. But it's not the unmitigated shitshow that's being portrayed in the media and is pretty similar to what Covid did to FedEx and UPS.

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I think it's more than just noise. USPS says 93.7% for June, which I agree is not much worse. My experience has been that the ones that are late, are really late. We had one take 29 days, and another one that went from Reno Nevada to Sparks Nevada by way of Guam and Hawaii. Of course, some just get lost too.

Bottom line though, USPS is still our "go to" carrier.

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Depending on the business you’re in, check to to see if your insurance prefers a certain carrier. If no preference, USPS is great for pricing and refunds if they don’t deliver, plus in a small town like mine, the people at the post office seems to care more about packages, tho I know this varies from place to place. Also shop it around, different regions have different pricing so maybe one service might be cheaper than the other in that aspect as well. Lately the USPS have been fucking up, so I been using Fed-Ex for the time being, since it’s been the closest to usps pricing for me. I’m sure the controversial post master general might be partly to blame for their recent fucking up since I haven’t really had issues with them until recently, but I’ve also had issues with the other carriers too so it’s something you’ll have to prepare to deal with regardless. I sell high tickets items so I take this seriously as I’m usually mailing things that cost as much as most peoples cars.

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Depends. We ship everything over night and have wonderful success. On the occasion it takes two days you get your money back. Works incredibly well for us

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What city

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We are shipping out of a smaller/medium town in Montana

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Consider using FedEx or UPS. Depending on your volume, you may be able to negotiate lower rates. Last I checked UPS is even offering a 40% discount online if you put in a reusable discount code.

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Thank you

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UPS or Fed-Ex FOR SURE!!!
USPS has turned into an absolute joke the past couple months. It is so bad that it almost feels deliberate! Packages arriving in the destination city and then being shipped out the following day to a completely different state. How does this even happen? They are destroying a bunch of small businesses with this crap. Definitely avoid them right now if you can!!

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It IS deliberate.

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Thank you!

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There was another thread in the sub about USPS that got locked for what I'm assuming is people just pissing on USPS via the comments.

So I'll throw in my real experience.

In SC, we have had maybe a day or two delay on priority/flat rate packages with USPS. I have had 1 returned for a bad address in the last few months. I'm not aware of any packages that were not delivered thus far.

We have a local UPS with a good manager. They are always straightforward and include delays in their estimates (usually 1 day delays) and they let you know how times are affected from the normal times. Sometimes packages get stuck bouncing between distribution centers around 1 town for 2-3 days but that's rare, maybe 1/10, maybe even less than that.

Fedex doesn't have a main hub or store in my town, just dropboxes and a small spot in a walmart. We get our deliveries from the next town over's hub and we never ship via fedex ourselves. So far their deliveries have been on point.

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Having major issues in our area, we see usually 2 day mail taking upwards of 2 weeks.

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Thanks for the info

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Yes USPS is currently a joke in my area. I have had 6 packages marked delivered by USPS in the last 3 months that I did not receive. They will not deliver anything to me that doesn't fit in the mailbox and then they go missing. They make it look good though and walk around and look in the eight places in the post office that they keep packages that they won't deliver. When I talked to the local postmaster she told me that they have never dealt with a pandemic before so I would just have to deal with it. Also, the week after I made a complaint I was forced to install a new mailbox on the other side of the road because apparently after 71 years it was on the wrong side?
We avoid using them even if the price is double.

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Ugh ill just wait until January. Too much bs going on right now

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It’s worse now than before but still the best option available.

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Why do you say its the best option still?

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USPS is a hit or miss. Sometimes they are good and other times just crap. I sent an etsy order aug 28. It should take about two days to get to TN. As of today it is just in transit. I looked at the details and the package is super late because it was bouncing from facility to facility because people were not sorting properly. I have no idea when it will arrive. Update keeps saying it will be late

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We ship probably 6000+ packages via USPS and perhaps 1 a year will bounce between facilities for 6 weeks before being returned or delivered.

We haven’t shipped anything for a while as our product is seasonal, so I can’t say how the recent problems have impacted delivery.

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Damn im sorry😞

Thank you for the info