VANLY The "AirBnB" for Driveways

by joyjoycolective. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    10    7

Hi there!

My friend created a community platform connecting homeowners with driveways and van life travelers looking for a safe place to park overnight. Wanted to share this along :)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated <3


JayLikesThis 1

Brilliant idea. How are you planning to monetise it?

brentsmith1990 1

Henh, good idea.

rentbookapp 1

Are you a van life traveler?

olivergee 2

Definitely a cool idea. But there are some gaps you might have to think about.

- What does the lot owner gain by hosting a driveway? $, $$, $$$ or even free?
- How do you make sure, they don't store anything illegal as already mentioned by other commentators.
- Insurance wise, the car was not parked correctly and the handbrake broke, and the car rolls into the street? Who is insured? Does the insurance cover this since the homeowner did this as a side hustle, check this on both parts, van drivers and homeowners.

Aren't their already apps like this where you can rent parking for 24 hours? - How is the law on sleeping on driveways? A lot of legal stuff you would need to clarify of course, not in the MVP stage but once it gains traction.

Good luck!

gama2020 2

How are you going to ensure that no one leaves a car with drugs/guns/bodies on someone’s driveway?

Good idea BTW.

harvyevr 1

I suppose as it would be booked through an app, there is knowledge of the car and that it doesn’t belong to the house owner - also just add in a clause to the T&amp;C’s that nothing like that will be stored and anything found is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and not of the driveway owner etc.

AsuDevil28 7

This is something I’m wanting to learn more about after researching a similar (added) source of income. I have 100 acres of family farm that a glamping co wants to setup on (for several thousand$) and they’d take care of everything besides actually being on site so it would require a small time investment on my family’s part as well.
I’ve considered the route your buddy is taking and would love to hear more. Does he need any help? An extra place in nature to provide clients with? Thanks for sharing and nothing but the best of luck to the company!