Very Nervous for University, need advice

by van217. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    6

I’m 18 and am going to university for Accounting in 2 days. It’s all online but I’m very nervous.

I’m afraid that Accounting will be too hard for me. I was good at Accounting and Math in high school but I’m just very nervous. My university also has 7 courses per semester compared to 5 courses for other universities. I really want to get this degree but I’m afraid that it will be too hard for me and I’ll have to drop out. I don’t want to disappoint my parents. I really want to succeed.

I really want to succeed because I need this Degree for my entrepreneurial success. This Accounting degree is going to help me a lot when it comes to owning a business. I want to own a business after graduating and this Accounting degree will help me greatly.

How hard is university compared to high school? Is an Accounting Degree harder then a science or nurse degree? Will an Accounting degree teach me business and cash flow. Will it help me start a business?

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


SafetyMan35 1

Couple things to keep in mind, the majority of students change their major at least once. It happens simply because you find a specialty niche you like or perhaps underestimated the demands of your chosen major.

You will find you have a lot of extra free time in college. It is hard to explain why, but you will. Stay on top of your studies, utilize office hours, join study groups and you will be fine.

RMJoey 1

Hi, an accounting student here in Advanced Accounting courses, and a business owner too - an actual one with real traction to clarify how much time it takes.

>I’m afraid that Accounting will be too hard for me

It might be. You're just starting Uni. What made you choose accounting? How long are you willing to study? You're going to do General Ed, you can always swap out if you really need to. There is no shame in exiting from this godforsaken (but beautiful) industry.

Accounting in High School was probably just basic book keeping, accounting actually has less to do with numbers than you might think. You learn more about when to do what and the thousands of regulations with the exception to the exception to the exception. If you're a critical thinker who can solve dynamic problems you should do just fine. Accounting is most definitely not about following the rules, it's understanding the spirit of the trade and making decisions to accurately represent the data you are required to.

>I really want to succeed because I need this Degree for my entrepreneurial success

No, you don't. I started my business without a single degree and dedicating 100~ hours of my week to working and learning. In fact, from experience, accounting so far hasn't taught me anything about SEO, project management, communication, leadership, marketing, running ad campaigns, ui/ux, and so on.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, and I say this not just from myself but my contacts who are millions richer than I am, it's learning about everything that will help your entrepreneurship. That also doesn't mean you can't specialize, going into accounting is great but it leaves little room to be concerned about anything else.

>How hard is university compared to high school? Is an Accounting Degree harder then a science or nurse degree?

School in general is about effective learning, networking, and discipline. When people fail school, it's far more likely they failed because of mental barriers rather than physical ones. If I had to choose what is easier between starting, growing, and owning a business and earning a degree, a degree is a cakewalk in comparison (not that you should slack on it, but if you can put in the amount of time to start a business, you are more than capable of securing a degree if you so choose).

Is it more difficult than science/nurse? That depends, is history more difficult than math? Is English more difficult than Spanish? Depends on the person. I don't think any subject is 'difficult' because even if they are more difficult to understand for the person there are resources everywhere to help them learn.

With that said, going into Accounting with the expectations it will be a cornerstone in entrepreneurship isn't accurate. You are going to spend a lot of time doing accounting, you will spend a lot of time networking, and you will likely consider sacrificing a few years of your life (literally) to go B4 and earn T/A1 -> S1 or higher.

>Will an Accounting degree teach me business and cash flow

Yes. but also googling "What is cash flow" teaches you cashflow. Business isn't properly be taught, accounting is genuinely about teaching you GAAP and introducing you to complex real life situations (or worthless outdated material) rather than teaching you how to run a business.

You will, however, understand the inner workings of a business's flow of capital and how it's allocated which can definitely be a positive contribution to business.

If you want to start a business, don't get a degree specifically for it. Start a career. Try working for someone else first if you don't have the capital, resources, or connections to do it now .

JayLeaves 1

I'm sure some of that nervousness is also excitement. Try to channel that and use it to your benefit. While university will be more challenging, it'll allow you to grow.

Comparing high school to university will be different for everyone. Especially with classes going online & the differences in your university.

For me personally, university was more difficult in the sense that you have all these adult stressors now while trying to juggle studying/school work. Balance that the best you can. Your hand will be held less in college, ask help when you need it. Review material after class when in-doubt. Don't put things off because procrastination becomes a nasty cycle with consistent deadlines. Doing that in high school is one thing, but trust me procrastinating in college has more consequences.

Good luck! & maybe feel comfort in your first year just being online. I know going to a new campus and physically meeting people/professors can be even more nerve-racking.

WillingnessTraining4 1

Don't be nervous, college is supposed to be fun!

ArtuR_K 1

If you believe that it will be too hard for you then it most likely will. Pls try to somehow change your mindset to a positive one. It all starts in our minds. Good Luck!

PeterMlynek 2

You'll do fine. If you were good enough to get into a university, then you are good enough to do well in that university. All the other freshmen are in the same boat as you are. You are just experiencing some nervousness, that's all.

Yes, universities are more difficult than high school (or whatever school is preceding universities in your country). All the students who are there want to be there, so the level of dedication, and difficulty, is greater than in high school. You are competing with students who were in the top tenth, or quarter, or half of high school, depending on the quality of the University.

You'll do fine if you dedicate keep up with the work, and you take it seriously. Students who flunk out do so not because they are not smart enough, or hard working enough, but because they get lazy.