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by sims0207. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    2

Hello everyone, I am new here and i have a question.. so i see that many people have programming based iDeas and I was thinking to learn coding f.e make an app as it is the future instead of relying on someone for it .So do u think i’d be smart to Just learn to code and then make smtn on my own like that. Im 17 rn and going To University to study BA i was doubting wether i Shoud study Computer science Or business administration. But eventually close the latter as i dont want to work on a 9to5 for SURE. And tbh i know that as an entrepreneur i Need tot take action But Where do u think i Need to start..note: im 17 so i don’t have Much capital.

Thanks in Advance!

Edit: i also want to say that i was considering to make a shopifystore But quit of the idea as i coule as easily make my Own site a 100 x Nicee. And another One was forel trading which i still do. What are you Guys’ opinieonderzoek on it Or is it a good start as a 17 te old One.


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I would start by paying attention in school a little bit better, because your spelling is atrocious.

I’ll tell you right now, you’re off on the wrong track already, plain and simple. You said you for SURE don’t want to work a 9to5. Guess what? Being a business owner, is a 24/7 job. I received an email last night (Sunday on a holiday weekend) at about 1am, I replied to that email, and we exchanged a few more figuring out logistics for the week ahead. If you’re attempting to start a business because you think working 40 hours a week is too much, man.. are you in for it.

You can be a lot of things and still be a successful business owner/entrepreneur... you can be dumb, you can be awkward... but you cannot be lazy.

The sheer number of abbreviations and times you substituted “u” instead of just typing “you” tells me you need to re-evaluate your entire though process.

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Haha, i am not a native mate im sorry😉

Yes if i could explain it a little better.. I don’t want to work for someone. For example, this summer i worked for a distribution company taking heavy packages out of a shelve like a robot all day long. Which is not what I want in life. And OFCOURSE i am up to that challenge! I know that it will take a lot of work, that is why i am educating myself trough books whenever possible

And to the latter
I am everything but not lazy. Trust me on this one ill do whatever it takes. I think you honestly misunderstood me because of my poor explaining, sorry