Want to boost your productivity ? Find fellows solopreneurs & accountability partners here ! /Thread

by HumanityCanDoBetter. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    1

Let's team up with other entrepreneurs & together :

- get accountable regarding setting and reaching our goals

- regularly have new insights & talk to about our current challenges

- have an honest second opinion on our decisions

I was in several Mastermind groups & they have proved extremely useful for all of the members productivity-wise. I know this is regularly used in Y Combinator & there are even paid services to find groups.. But we have reddit, we don't need that 😉

This is an opportunity for anyone : post simple stuff about yourself and integrate or create a group that fits you prefectly here 👌


Personally : I am founding a new group, we are currently two & looking for at least one more tech solopreneur, preferably in Europe so we can have matching time zones 😊 We plan 3 meetings/week & will adapt to what is best for everyone's productivity !


alanmpk 2

I'm interested, although not in eu timezone, but willing to adapt