Wash and Fold Service

by brandonbarringer23. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    1

I watched a guy on TikTok talk about how he knows people that started wash and fold companies by negotiating with laundromats and having them give happy hour prices. Has anyone else heard/seen/done this?


kippypapa 1

Yeah you basically are a middle person. You find an area where a lot of people don’t have access to in home laundry or are just too lazy/busy to do it themselves. Then you advertise and get the laundromats you do it for cheaper. It’s possible to to in college towns and large cities. Search costs must be high - a Wall Street guy making $300k doesn’t care to spend time to find the cheapest because his time is worth a lot. Not so much in low income neighborhoods. College towns are similar. It’s all loans or daddy’s money so they’ll pay for the convenience.