We now have 400 paying subscribers! 🎉

by alexburan. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    28    25

We're now on exactly 400 paying subscribers for ConveyThis!

It took us 364 days to reach the first 100 subscribers, and we've now gone from 100 to 400 in 120 days. We went from 300 to 400 subscribers in 15 days. Crazy and unbelievable! Thank you all for your support!

Here's what we added to the product over the last month:

  • Better neural translation engine. We replaced the cheaper and more outdated machine translation provider with a more up to date and more expensive neural machine translator. The result: +50% in translation quality at no cost increase to our users.

  • Better Glossary and Trademark consistency. This online tool allows website owners to instruct machine translators to pre-translate their reserved words such as Trademarks and Company names in the same way in every language. This way there will be no funny mistranslations or inconsistencies.

  • Many other minor changes such as WordPress 5.5 support, but fixes as described in our changelog.

Any questions or acquisition offers?


zhantoo 1

You can't sidescroll on the pricing page on mobile FYI.

  alexburan 1

Good point. Thanks for mentioning.

Scotty11p 1

What has been your most successful channel?

  alexburan 1

Organic search

WorkingPepper7 1

Do you have a link to your website?

  alexburan 1
Mike-Dane91 2

That's great

  alexburan 1

Thank you!

millfrombill 3

Is this website www.conveythis.com?

  alexburan 2


millfrombill 2

Very cool. Congratulations.

  alexburan 2

Thank you!

bilalkhan19 3


  alexburan 1

Thank you!

calemedia 8

How are your acquiring new customers?

  alexburan 1

Mostly through organic search - landing pages, blog posts.

hardikmakadia 5

Congratulations! Would love to hear what was key for your first 100 acquisition. 😀

  alexburan 3

It's a combination of newsletters, cold email, blog posting and sponsored posting.

hardikmakadia 1

Thanks, Alex! Could you share which websites were those sponsored posts on?

  alexburan 2

We've done it two years ago and didn't retain the list. It's hard to recall, but these are the blogs that review wordpress plugins and themes. They have guest posts and sponsored posts. If you outreach to them, you should be able to get a reply.

hardikmakadia 1

Thanks a ton!

  alexburan 1

You are welcome!))

mfllc 10

Website say 26,160 clients and 12 years in business

  alexburan 4

Free accounts are not counted as paid clients.