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by SimoAspe. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    4

An acquaintance of mine has a clothing store and would like to create an e-commerce site on shopify. I have some experience in creating sites on this platform and so he asked me if I can do it, it ended up here no problem. He rightly asked me to prepare a quote for him, and here I am in trouble. I don't know what questions and information to request and how to estimate an adequate price for the service. it is the first time that I am faced with such a situation and I don't know how to behave.


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First, I suggest charging based on value. What's the website worth to your friend? Is it worth 200 dollars to him? 2k? 200k?

Ask him what he hopes to make off the website. Lets say he might be able to earn 50k a year selling clothes through his website and you might consider charging him 10% of that, 5k. Ask him, would he spend 5k to make 50k? Especially 50k a year? Even if he doesn't make that much and only makes half that, he still has a 5x return rate on his investment.

I'm not saying just charge him 10% by the way it was just an example. I suggest charging as much as he's willing to pay, and give him a good solid website. Frame it in that way, approach him with a business mindset and you'll both stand to gain something from each other.

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Unless they have a spec that’s 100% accurate (they never do), best you can do is give a ballpark ESTIMATE. Never quote. Only estimate. And do it broadly. $x/week, maybe n weeks.

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Do you have some experience or you can do it? How many hours did it take the last time you created a website? Compare that project to the new one. How much is your hour worth? Then reduce some time because you’ll be slower than someone with more experience. The you multiply the hours by the hourly rate. It’s you first time estimating you don’t have to be spot on