what are industries that will change the world

by xChrisner. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    2

does anyone know have any ideas for this?


AlexandraFicut 1

They say data is gold and it seems like it’s never been truer. Since these days the businesses revolve around the data, I believe AI and Big Data are definitely changing the world. As a key player in transforming modern business processes, AI and Big Data, like technologies, are emerging.

These days companies are using this technology in decision-making in market intelligence, trend analysis, forecasts etc. - this is the story of how Daexus and the Catalyst Connector came to life. We wanted everyone to focus on getting insights from their data rather than wasting time figuring how to retrieve it — and we think we’ve succeeded in our goal. The Catalyst Connector was intended to make our jobs easier internally, bringing data from Adobe Analytics straight into Tableau.

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Green energy and self driving electric cars